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Our Story

Infinido is improving productivity, health and wellbeing in workplaces around the country.  

We grew out of North London’s creative community where our founders, Dina and Kitty met in their younger years whilst living and working with some of the most original thinkers and small businesses in the UK. They spent hours discussing the woes of their experiences in the corporate world and in dull, uninspiring offices and workplaces. To contribute to community life they started running weekly networking breakfasts for small businesses and digital nomads from the area. Meeting people from a wide range of industries and workplaces they realised how widespread the problems with workplace culture really were.

Investigating other consultancies offering to help businesses improve their culture and employee satisfaction they drew a blank. No one seemed to be offering the right mix of services that were so desperately needed.  

With Dina’s background in Psychology and coaching, Kitty’s experience in complimentary health and community building and a huge community of creative practitioners on their doorstep, they decided to set up their own company. Infinido was born.  

Infinido is working hard to realise the full potential of every employee and make every workplace an arena for constant personal growth.

We want to move people away from sterile work environments and show them just how great they can feel in their mind and body. We believe that workplaces should be awesome and our team can show you how to achieve that.

We’ve come a long way from working around our shabby-chic dining tables on an old industrial estate in North London, but we’re still as dedicated as ever to helping today’s employees achieve a great work-life balance.

Dina has a Masters in Organisational Psychology and a Diploma in Performance Coaching. As well as launching Infinido, she works globally to offer coaching and workshops to help people identify their goals, increase their creativity and lead more fulfilling lives.

Kitty graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a 1st class degree in English and Philosophy and then studied at the Reflexology Academy of London, achieving a Level 5 Diploma. She has also studied The Art of Facilitation and runs community building workshops in her local area. As well as launching Infinido, Kitty runs her own reflexology clinic specifically aimed at meeting the needs of busy and stressed office workers in the capital.