Building community in the workplace is what we do best at Infinido. We are passionate about raising the energy, helping individuals find their strengths and pushing organisations to reach their potential by creating one, unified team. 


Events are a great way to build community in a natural and fun way. We offer a range of unusual events that focus on boosting engagement and building community in organisations. Here are a few events that we are able to host in your workplace:


Collective Art Party

Get creative with your colleagues and unleash your imagination! Using the arts helps to boost people’s creativity and also helps them to express themselves in front of others and form strong friendship bonds. Collective Art Party is a collective social art experience. Our interactive workshop unleashes the creativity in groups using collaborative-art making, drawing and facilitated dialogue and music. The workshop is designed to enhance creativity among groups, deepen connection and collaboration, and rapidly decrease stress through activities that inspire laughter and learning. Our expert facilitators will ensure that the groups always feel comfortable and supported. The evening usually lasts for three hours. At the end of this workshop, the organisation are left with a huge art project that they can keep and display.

Life Drawing Evening with Healthy Refreshments

Treat your members to some light relief with an evening of life drawing and healthy treats. Perfect for unwinding, boosting creativity and team bonding.

Still Life Drawing Class

We also offer a still life drawing class that takes participants through a range of tasks which will allow them to challenge how they look at the objects and to really observe what is before them rather than what they think they see before them.

Smoothie Tasting and Creative Networking

Offering a variety of different smoothies, cold pressed juices and healthy snacks and facilitating networking through a creative painting activity.



While resources are typically tight in the corporate world, more and more companies are seeing workations as worthy investments rather than just an expense to the bottom line. A workation allows employees to travel and build community without pausing their work routine.

A new generation of companies have come to appreciate the idea that taking a mini-retreat away from the office can give a substantial return - especially in terms of employee retention.  As you know, companies lose a lot of money, talent and knowledge when an employee leaves, especially those who have been in an organisation for years. This is why companies are focusing on new ways to build team development and retention, not just recruitment. 

Retreats don't have to mean a break in productivity, here at Infinido we focus on managing a healthy mix of work and fun. This allows your team-mates to build a deeper connection with each other, gives them a new source of inspiration and perspective, and is becoming the new innovative tool to invest in your people.

What to Expect from a Workation Retreat:

Using our unique skills, our team can create retreats that enhance wellbeing, build community and allow for stress reduction.... all whilst ensuring you and your team maintain an exceptional level of productivity. We do this by working with you and your team to really understand the personality of your employees. After that, we structure your workation to match. 

Whether you're looking for a retreat that pumps adrenaline, soothes the senses, or opens the mind, we are here to help! Our team are happy to ensure that you get a unique experience and will go the extra mile to fit suitable workshops, therapies and coaching sessions between healthy doses of work and productivity.



Infinido uses high energy activities to create a sense of connection, innovative thinking and healthy competition amongst teams. This results in more resilient and dynamic teams that return to their working environment more productive and happier. Your team will gain trust and respect and will see each other in a different light, away from the pressures of the 9-5.

Our adventure days can work both inside and outside, or even both. We find that a combination of indoor and outdoor activities allows teams to get the most out of away days. Our edge is that we are psychologists that have a deep understanding of wellbeing, innovation and resilience. This allows us to transform your team's behaviours into winning behaviours and facilitate taking this learning back into the workplace.