Does Your Workplace Need Complete Corporate Wellbeing?

Is your workplace in need of a little pick me up and an injection of wellbeing?

The Stress Factor

Stress is the hidden factor behind a huge variety of illnesses, both physical and mental. When your body is busy dealing with stress on a day to day basis, it doesn't have enough energy left to look after itself, repair and fight of disease in the way it should. Plus, your hormone balance can be seriously affected, which can cause sleep problems and affect your mood. Essentially, daily stress can cause all kinds of secondary effects.

In a world where stress levels are increasing, it's only now that organisations are realising the effect that it can have on their staff and ultimately, on their ability to succeed. According to the Health and Safety executive report (2014), 1.2 million working people suffer from a work-related illness, costing UK employers over 28 million working days and up to £14.2billion. Our goal is to reduce these numbers and improve employee retention through ensuring that employees have access to mind and body wellbeing services.  

What can we do about it?

There are loads of things we can do to address the stress, from small short-term initiatives such as massage and fun, healthy events, to longer term changes such as coaching, introducing mindfulness, changing the way we do business and practicing regular yoga.

Infinido helps offices and work places to integrate health, wellbeing and personal growth into their culture. Our company is built on the belief that many workplaces desperately need better access to healthy living services. All of our staff have experience of working in a corporate environment and are confident enough to adapt their style to suit you and your team.


Many people think of yoga as being a simple workout style, but it is actually a much larger system that helps us to keep our mind and body balanced and focused so that we can be fully alert and present on a day to day basis. Introducing regular yoga sessions into your workplace can give your employees access to a practice that will help them to reduce their overall stress and learn strategies for staying calm and focused.


Coaching is a relationship that focuses on empowering your employees, your social capital and, in turn, your organisation. It is a dialogue-based tool that gives you the space to explore your ideas, goals, behaviours and strategies without any judgment. In this space, you and your employees are able to streamline your goals into manageable and attainable goals. The relationship seeks to give your organisation a feeling of support from an objective source.

Massage & Reflexology

Stress can leave a physical imprint on our bodies. Massage and reflexology treatments can help to undo some of this damage and promote release or the happy hormone oxytocin, which is proven to reduce stress and promote wellbeing.

Workshops & Events

Workshops and events are an excellent way for employees to grow and expand their knowledge and organisational toolkit and to network with other people in the company. At Infinido we offer a series of workshops that explore a wide variety of topics including mindfulness, creativity boosting and improving performance and we also offer fun events that use a variety of community building techniques to help people to develop deeper relationships with each other and have a great time. We also partner with Native Highs to offer healthy juices and food as part of our services. 

Does your workplace need complete corporate wellbeing? Contact us to talk about your options, whether you need one yoga class a month or a more comprehensive package of services. We promise that we never use pushy sales tactics and we are always happy to talk through your needs and offer our expert advice.

Image by Damian Zelski via Unsplash